Preventative Dental Care – Guide to Dental Cleaning Visits

Preventative Dental Care - Guide to Dental Cleaning Visits from Garden Dental Arts in Brooklyn, NYPart of preventative dental care is not only regularly maintaining your dental routine at home but also visiting your dentist twice a year. During this visit, they will look at the condition of your teeth and gums. Things they look out for are any sensitivities, bleeding, soft spots, or areas where bacteria are more likely to grow. This could include spacing issues or any kind of misalignment in the jaw. Getting a dental cleaning or visiting the dentist can be a bit intimidating for some, but here we will break down the steps and why they are important.

Your dental visit

Getting prodded and knowing you may experience some slight discomfort can make it difficult to pick up the phone and schedule your appointment with the dentist. However, there are tools and processes that only a dentist has that will help aid in your preventative dental care and help maintain your long-term oral hygiene. Your visit will likely begin with a dental hygienist who will take care of the first few aspects of your care. They complete an exam of your mouth with a mirror and may poke around to see if any issues are present. During the next step, they will use a tool to scrape off any plaque and tartar. They may need to pay special attention to certain areas where a build-up may be present.

After your teeth have gone through these steps, you will have your teeth cleaned. This is different from your normal routine at home, as it is done with an electric brush that deep-cleans and can remove any leftover tartar. Typically, you will be able to choose from flavors. However, it will be gritty in its consistency. This is needed to scrub the teeth and remove anything effectively. The hygienist will continue to floss in between your teeth. The last step of cleaning is to get your fluoride treatment, which serves to protect your teeth against cavities. Usually, you will also be able to select a flavor for your fluoride, and you may not be able to eat or drink for some time after it is applied. At some point during your visit, you will have a discussion with the dentist about any concerns or things they may need to follow up on.

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Additional steps to preserve your dental health

If you are due for your X-rays, you may also get those taken at your visit. Usually, this is done annually by placing a paper or cardboard-like mold in your mouth as the hygienist moves a camera around, taking photos of your teeth. This looks at the alignment of your jaw and can help the dentist with noticing any potential cause for concern. The dentist may also recommend further treatments or procedures, such as filling any cavities or getting a root canal, if needed. In between dental visits, make sure that you brush, floss, and use your mouthwash for the best preventative dental care.

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