Reasons Full Mouth Dental X-Rays are Done

Full Mouth X Rays Brooklyn, NY

Full mouth dental x-rays are a very important part of a routine visit to your dentist. We all know that visiting our dentist regularly will keep your oral health in the best shape possible. When you go to your dentist, they will clean and examine your mouth in its entirety. 

To have your entire mouth examined properly, your dentist needs to see beyond the surface to ensure your mouth doesn’t have any issues they cannot see with their eyes only. 

Routine visits to your dentist are vital because of the all-over, total examination your mouth receives. Your dentist is your main defense against any oral health issues, and you need to make sure to keep in contact with them to ensure your health. 

What are panoramic x-rays?

Panoramic x-rays are the best way to see the entire inside of the mouth. Full mouth x-rays provide a series of pictures of the upper and lower jaws in a single x-ray. This type of x-ray is used to detect oral health issues that require treatment that your dentist cannot see with their eyes. Your dentist can see the position of fully emerged teeth and teeth just below the surface. Panoramic x-rays allow impacted teeth to be detected and tumors and oral cancer. 

These x-rays are also able to be shown to your insurance company. They can show why a specific treatment plan has been chosen, and your insurance company may pay for a procedure they may otherwise not have. 

What are bitewing and periapical x-rays?

These types of x-rays can detect tooth decay between teeth and changes in the thickness of the bone. These x-rays are also helpful for a dentist to see if a filling or previous dental work is breaking down. By using periapical x-rays, your dentist can see the entire tooth from the crown to beyond the root of the tooth. 

Are dental x-rays safe?

Full mouth x-rays are necessary for treating and diagnosing oral health issues. They are very safe. The amount of radiation you undergo during a dental x-ray is minimal. You are asked to remove your jewelry and wear an apron during dental x-rays as a precaution. Typically, the technicians who take the x-rays step out of the room because they perform x-rays daily, and prolonged exposure is not good. 

Having dental x-rays every six months will not harm you, and they will prove to be beneficial in providing the best treatment options for your dentist.

Talk with your dentist

If you are concerned with having x-rays taken or worried about the amount of radiation, discuss with your dentist. They are the best source for answering all your questions, and they are willing to help you understand why x-rays are needed.

Always keep your routine visits with your dentist and do anything they recommend or suggest for your oral health. Your routine x-rays are common practice at every dental office, and they are safe and effective in diagnosing any oral issues.

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