Cosmetic Dentistry: 4 Popular Procedures

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There are numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be used to improve the way that your teeth look. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on issues that affect the appearance of teeth and gums. While the main purpose of many treatments is cosmetic, they typically also provide restorative benefits.

Popular treatments used in cosmetic dentistry

Here are popular treatments used by cosmetic dentists to improve cosmetic issues affecting the appearance of teeth.

1. Composite bonding

Composite bonding is a non-invasive, versatile treatment used by dentists. It involves repairing and rebuilding teeth with a composite that is made from mixtures of glass and plastics. The process does not require any permanent alterations being made to teeth being treated, so it can be reversed and replaced if a better treatment alternative comes along.

Issues that can be treated with composite bonding include broken, chipped, or stained teeth. It can also be used to close up spaces between teeth.

2. Veneers

Veneers are one of the highly sought restorations provided by cosmetic dentists. These tooth-shaped restorations can be used to transform any smile into something spectacular. The practice started as a way to give celebrities that “Hollywood smile,” but it is now available to anyone.

Veneers are thin restorations that are cemented to the front part of the patient’s tooth. They serve as partial covers for teeth, covering up any imperfections on them. Veneers can be color-matched with the patient’s real teeth and can be used to alter the way that teeth look, like making them appear longer, hiding poor alignment, or making teeth wider to close unnatural spaces between teeth. Issues that can be fixed with veneers include crooked teeth, discolored teeth, and chipped teeth.

Installing veneers typically requires the removal of small portions of enamel to prevent the patient’s teeth from appearing abnormally large. The process cannot be reversed.

3. Crowns

Crowns cover up the visible part of a tooth and can be used to hide most aesthetic issues. They are shaped to look like real teeth and are color-matched with the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Installing crowns requires the removal of enamel from all four sides of the tooth being treated. This is done to create a better fit for the crown. Crowns can be made from materials like metals, porcelain, or a combination of both.

4. Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the options that people with missing teeth get to choose from. The restoration is used to close gaps created by missing teeth. It is typically anchored to the two teeth closest to both sides of the gap. These teeth are often covered with crowns to provide more stability for the artificial teeth that will be used to bridge the gap.

Improve the way that your smile looks

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