A Family Dentist Quick Guide to Toothpaste Active Ingredients

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A family dentist might tell you to brush your teeth often to keep cavities away. The mouth has many microorganisms, which is why it is so important to use toothpaste regularly. These might feed on bits of food particles left in the mouth, leading to oral infections. You could have gum disease or tooth decay if you do not brush your teeth often enough. The acid can damage your enamel, causing decay. Understanding the kinds of toothpaste available can help you make a better decision.

Abrasives and color in the toothpaste

Abrasives can help remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. These allow the paste to clean the teeth better. Some of the more common ones include dicalcium phosphate, silicate, and calcium carbonate. Some even have baking soda in them since that can also lead to whiter teeth. Of course, if the paste is too abrasive, it can damage the enamel. That might lead to teeth yellowing and sensitivity.

Some types of toothpaste have color in them, as well. That can help them look more appealing. For example, some mint-flavored ones might have a green color. Others might have a red color, particularly for cinnamon-flavored types of toothpaste. Some agents can also help make the toothpaste whiter.

Detergents in the toothpaste

Detergents are also called surfactants or soaps. These can remove different components, like water and oil, from the teeth. The detergents also have a foaming action, preventing them from dripping out during brushing. The toothpaste needs to have flavoring to cover the taste of the detergent. That is why so many have a strong flavor to prevent the patient from tasting them.

Some of the more common detergents include sodium lauryl sarcosinate. However, these can sometimes cause mouth ulcers or canker sores. Those who have these issues might want to look for an alternative. Some do not have sodium lauryl sulfate, and these might be a better option.

Other ingredients

The toothpaste will have flavoring to help it taste better. It can reduce the taste of the detergent components since these have their strong taste. Some of the more common ones include spearmint, menthol, cinnamon, and peppermint. Kids’ toothpaste comes in other flavors, as well.

Many times, toothpaste will have fluoride in it, designed to help strengthen the teeth. The mineral can incorporate into the tooth enamel. That prevents acids from penetrating the layer as quickly. A family dentist knows that most types of toothpaste also have preservatives, which can stop bacteria from growing in the paste. Some might include ethylparaben or sodium benzoate.

Choose a family dentist today

Your family dentist can help you understand toothpaste ingredients better. If you have other questions about toothpaste, you might want to talk to the family dentist. That way, you can learn more about the ingredients you have to pick from. For example, some of them have remineralization properties. That means these can add some more minerals to your teeth’s enamel. It can reverse early tooth decay.

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